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Silverton Health has joined with Legacy Health. To contact a Silverton facility or clinic, visit “contact us” at Silverton Health. 

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Administrative office
Phone: 503-415-5600

Employment Verification 

Phone: 503-415-5100 

Legacy Cancer Institute 
(oncology clinical research)

Phone: 503-413-8199
Donations  Email Foundations 
Phone: 503-415-4700 
Legacy Laboratory Services  Phone: 503-413-5000
Toll Free: 1-877-270-5566 
Legacy Research Institute  Phone: 503-413-5317 

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Primary Care Clinics
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Register for Classes:
Please call Legacy Referral Services 
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In Oregon: 503-335-3500
In Washington: 360-487-3500 
Pregnancy and Parenting Education Registration  In Oregon: 503-335-3500

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In Oregon: 503-335-3500
In Washington: 360-487-3500 
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All other inquiries, comments, concerns: Please email us via this contact form. We will direct your inquiry to the most appropriate person within two business days, and they will respond to you as soon as possible.

TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY, do NOT use this unsecured email form for questions about your health or to schedule, change or cancel an appointment. Instead, please contact your health care provider's office. Your Legacy provider's telephone number and address are in our Find a Physician directory.