Living with Cancer: Support and Survivorship

At Legacy Cancer Institute, we offer a range of integrative medicine and support services to meet not only your physical needs, but also any spiritual, financial or logistical needs such as transportation. Our experts are here to help you navigate through every aspect of your treatment, from the day of diagnosis, and even after your treatment ends.


Healing with art

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Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Legacy Cancer Healing Center, offering integrative medicine: Services from both Western and Eastern medicine to control your symptoms and side effects, and with a focus on your quality of life
  • A survivorship clinic for one-on-one help with symptom management and your health and quality of life after treatment ends
  • A special program for patients with metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread), where your own personal care team develops a plan just for you, focused on your quality of life. 
  • Nurse navigators to help you understand your diagnosis, treatment options and medications, communicate with your doctor, schedule appointments and help you with financial and other concerns
  • A patient navigator to help with transportation needs, financial and other community resources
  • Cancer rehabilitation to help you maintain and regain strength, mobility and self-care or other life skills
  • Lymphedema management to keep symptoms in check
  • Massage therapy by a certified oncology massage therapist, to help with anxiety, symptoms and side effects including lymphedema
  • Consultation with an oncology-certified registered dietician for help using foods for healing and symptom management
  • Support groups and classes for patients and their families


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