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eDocTalk article

Message from Dr. Lewis Low

January 2014

Lewis Low, M.D.




I gave myself a B+. How would you grade me?

I think I did pretty well in fulfilling my 2013 New Year’s resolution to focus on Legacy's partnership with you, our physicians, and to ensure your voice is heard as decisions are made.

We have:

  • faithfully produced eDocTalk to share information,
  • invited your participation in several initiatives such as Legacy Health Partners,
  • developed the participation of our physician service line leadership in setting our collective strategic direction,
  • sought your input in developing our new strategic vision, and
  • made a strong effort to be in a dialogue with you at your practice and staff meetings, group gatherings, via email, or by phone.

We did all of this, and more, while achieving some of the highest scores on quality and patient safety in our hospitals.

But what matters is how you feel. That's especially on my mind as I ponder the year ahead. If I could gaze into a crystal ball and predict 2014, I see some things that will demand even greater teamwork. I see...

...efforts ahead to explore ways to increase cooperation and coordination among our five distinct medical staffs in order to maximize our collective strengths.

...physicians and Legacy learning together how to apply Lean concepts –– maximizing value to our patients, while improving efficiency –– as we deliver care at our facilities.

...Legacy partnering with independent practices to bring a wider range of care management services to the greater Portland and Southwest Washington community.

And I see the need to continue intense collaboration as Legacy Health Partners moves to full operation in the year ahead, opening up a new world of patient care opportunities.

All these initiatives will demand your valuable ideas and input. We set the stage in 2013 and now we can take “engagement” to the next level.

So why only a B+ for last year?

While we have reached a wider circle of our physicians –– perhaps 40 percent of our active and more-engaged medical staff members –– I'd like to see more. If I could get every one of you who reads eDocTalk, and every one of you with whom my staff and I meet, to share just one key point with a colleague, we could stimulate some terrific dialog. I’d really like to see us push that engagement number up significantly; connecting with maybe 80 percent of our medical staff.

And that would be worth an A grade. Both for me and for you.

Happy New Year!


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