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Foundations Mt Hood

Board of Trustees


Eric R. Young, Chair
Open, Vice Chair 
Dino M. Rocha, CFP, Treasurer
Debbie M. Eisenzimmer, Secretary
J. Michael Schultz, CFRE, Executive Director, Mount Hood Medical Center Foundation (ex officio)


John A. Calcagno, M.D.
Thomas T. Cauthers
Michael R. Miller
Andrew K. Morrison
Kathryn V. Panwala, M.D.
Michael J. Patrick
Larry R. Schwartz

Ex Officio, Voting

Maureen A. Bradley, Sr. Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Legacy Health
Gretchen M. Nichols, President, LMHMC
Daniel J. Troglin, Representative, LMHMC Volunteer Services

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

Patricia M. Gianelli, Director of Treasury, Legacy Health
Anne T. Greer, Assistant General Counsel, Legacy Health


State Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson
Robyn R. Blatchford
Brian K. Irvine
Mary E. Mattila
B. Edward Yanke, D.O.