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Heart Failure


Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital admissions for patients 65 and older.

  • More than 5 million Americans are living with heart failure
  • Half a million are newly diagnosed with heart failure each year.
  • Within 30 days of leaving the hospital, 27 percent of heart failure patients are readmitted.

Heart failure is a chronic illness. It is can also be referred to as CHF, chronic heart failure or congestive heart failure. Learning how to manage this condition is crucial to minimize symptoms and prevent hospital admissions. Legacy Heart Services is committed to your success.  We provide quality care for heart failure patients and make managing the disease easier.


Our services

Legacy Heart Services has multiple locations to care for patients. From the emergency room to outpatient services, we provide continuous care. We base our quality care on:

  • A multi-disciplinary team of doctors, technicians and nurses specialized in treating heart failure
  • The American Heart Association's best practices to decrease length of stay and readmissions associated with heart failure
  • Having a registered heart failure nurse, trained extensively in heart failure management and treatment, at each medical center
    • These advocates provide education and support for you while you are in the hospital to help you better manage your condition.
    • Heart failure nurses work closely with inpatient cardiac rehabilitation nurses and the social work staff for your smooth transition out of the hospital.
    • Heart failure nurses provide follow-up with you after discharge to help answer any questions you may have, encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors and monitor how you are dealing with your illness.

Our locations

Ask for the heart failure nurse coordinator:

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
2801 N. Gantenbein Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
Phone: 503-413-2200


Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
1015 N.W. 22nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97210
Phone:  503-413-7711
Toll-free:  1-800-733-9959


Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center
19300 S.W. 65th Ave.
Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone: 503-692-1212


Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center
24800 S.E. Stark St.
Gresham, OR 97020
Phone: 503-674-1122


 Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
2211 N.E. 139th St.
Vancouver, WA 98686
Phone:  360-487-1000


Our providers

Jocelyn Camara, M.D. — cardiologist
Amish Desai, M.D. — cardiologist, interventional cardiologist
Naji Hamdan, M.D. — cardiologist
Ramnik Jhooty, M.D. — cardiologist
Jack Kron, M.D. — cardiologist, cardiac electrophysiologist
Kenneth M. Leclerc, M.D. — cardiologist
John McAnulty, M.D. — cardiologist, cardiac electrophysiologist
David Peizner, M.D. — cardiologist, interventional cardiologist
Eric Putz, M.D. — cardiologist, cardiac electrophysiologist
Cameron Ramsay, M.D. - cardiologist, interventional cardiologist
Pulla R. Reddy, M.D. — cardiologist
Kenneth Rhoads, M.D. — cardiologist
Eli Rosenthal, M.D. —  cardiologist, interventional cardiologist
Naveen Sachdev, M.D. — cardiologist, interventional cardiologist

Partner physician practices and providers are:

Northwest Cardiovascular Institute
Peter F. Banitt, M.D. — cardiologist, interventional cardiologist
Brendan Daly, M.D. — cardiologist
Sandeep Garg, M.D. — cardiologist
Maureen B. Goldring, M.D. — cardiologist
Miguel A Gomez, M.D. — cardiologist
Nandita Gupta, M.D. — cardiologist, clinical interest in heart failure
Nasreen A. Ilias-Khan, M.D. — cardiologist
Sandra J. Lewis, M.D. — cardiologist, clinical interest in heart failure
Brian Moyers, M.D. — cardiologist, cardiac electrophysiologist
Judith A. Nigro, D.O. — cardiologist, clinical interest in heart failure
Shawn Patrick, M.D. — Medical Director of Legacy Heart Services, cardiologist
David Wu, M.D. — cardiologist, interventional cardiologist