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Cancer Healing Center Support Services

A healing approach; a focus on quality of life

A cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery present unique challenges. Legacy Cancer Healing Center can help you meet these challenges. Our services are designed to meet your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, with a focus on your quality of life, both during and after treatment.

Because cancer is such a complex disease, we offer many types of services to help cancer patients. Our integrative approach to cancer care pulls from both Eastern and Western health care traditions.


Integrative cancer care

  • Patient testimonial

    "Thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom that you imparted to me over the time we worked together on this cancer journey."

    Mt. Hood

Symptom management

We offer proven ways to help manage side effects and symptoms during and after treatment. We coordinate all recommendations with your medical care providers.

We can help with symptoms such as problems sleeping, fatigue, anxiety, pain, numbness in your hands or feet, constipation and loose stools. Recommendations may include a range of traditional and less-traditional therapies, based on your goals and preferences.

Reducing future risk through lifestyle

Research shows that lifestyle changes help reduce the chances that your cancer will come back. We meet with you to develop a personal plan to make changes in your lifestyle that may include diet, exercise and other therapies.

Integrative medicine choices

We offer many options from both Western and Eastern medicine to help improve your quality of life. Most services are available at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center. We will also refer you to resources at our other medical centers and in the community.

A personalized survivorship plan

At Legacy Cancer Institute, we believe that survivorship begins the day of diagnosis. A survivorship plan is designed just for you to help you feel as well as possible during treatment, and to improve your overall health after treatment ends. A survivorship plan can help you make the transition from the life of a cancer patient back to regular life and will include things you can do to reduce the chances that cancer will come back.

The first step is a single visit with our nurse practitioner to discuss your diagnosis, symptoms, goals and lifestyle. You will leave with a plan that meets your individual needs.

Special support for patients with metastatic cancer

If you have metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread), we understand that you are facing unique challenges.

Legacy Cancer Institute's approach focuses not just on treating the disease but also on your goals and quality of life.

We will help you understand your choices, manage symptoms and side effects, as well as offer spiritual, emotional and practical support.

Classes and programs

We offer a variety of free classes, programs and support groups for cancer patients and their families.

If you need assistance with transportation, financial issues or have other questions please contact our patient navigator

Insurance and payment information

We offer certain classes and groups for free. Most insurance plans cover a consultation with our nurse practitioner and staff. Other services are available on a cash basis. If you have questions, call 503-413-6550.

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