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Patient privacy

We respect the privacy of our patients and strive to provide them with a safe environment.

To learn more, see our Notice of Privacy Practices:

Restricted designations

At times we may need to designate a patient, or a patient may request to be designated, as either a "No Information" or "No Location" person. These designations, a result of the federal privacy regulations known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), require us to follow these specific procedures:

  • "No Information" restriction 

Our staff will not acknowledge the patient's presence in the hospital. Information about the patient's location within the hospital will be withheld. Please do not ask us to make exceptions. This is designed to provide the greatest security and privacy for the patient.

Location restriction The patient's presence at the facility and general condition will be released to those who ask for or those who identify the patient by name; however, the patient's location within the facility will not be released.

Visitation guidelines

  • Only a spouse, parent or caregiver may visit a "No Location" or "No Information" patient. Staff will not acknowledge, give out the room number or give directions to the rooms to any other visitors. Exceptions can be made only by our Safety/Security Department.
  • We cannot accept designated visitor lists generated by the patient or family. The spouse, parent or caregiver will be the only visitors allowed while the "No Information" or "No Location" designations are active.
  • For patient security, we ask the patient and the family to please not disclose room number or phone number to other family or friends.
  • The "No Location" or "No Information" designations will be removed at the request of the patient, patient's family or at the discretion of the Safety/Security Department when potential safety risks to the patient are no longer a concern. The safety and security of each of our patients is our priority. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe environment during this hospital stay.

Note: In cases in which public safety agencies -- such as police or fire departments -- are involved, those agencies sometimes release medical or location information without Legacy's knowledge. We cannot be responsible for patient information released by third parties.